American Eagle! #Aerieman – The real sexy is you Campaign


When it comes to what would be considered “high end fashionable.” In clothing there has been the reality that samples and models are made for the thinner. We’ve seen this in the world of women’s fashion for ages and for men’s fashion as well. We’ve also seen the small but persistent backlashes and pushbacks of such realities. Because the real-life reality is that most men and women don’t fit into the model like form.

The pushbacks have generally, yet not always, been on the side of women’s fashion. We’ve seen lines and brand highlight “plus size” women in certain campaigns. We herald them as breaking the all too restrictive fashion mold. The spotlight has not always shown as bright on the world of men’s fashion.

Often if you’re not rail thin and lanky or tall and muscular you will not see yourself reflected in men’s fashion.  Especially not men’s underwear fashion. Now, gay centric underwear may go a bit further than the more broad based brands. Even still one generally would have to turn to brands specific to “bears” or just burlier men.

An unlikely source of a mold breaker is coming from American Eagle! Aerie has just launched a campaign for the everyday, every shape man. Hallelujah! The new campaign called #AerieMan has four models of varying sizes and showcases the men doing everyday things in their underwear.

Campaigns and brands like this are important to everyone, even those who do fit the general model description. Diversity and self-image love affect every single person. The more that we can do to celebrate and acknowledge the beautiful differences in ourselves the better.

American Eagle has always had a fairly solid men’s underwear selection. Often full of bright colors, fun designs, and goofy cartoons. They have solid trunks and good briefs. I have met many people for whom AE underwear was their first step outside of old Jockeys that their parents bought them. And American Eagle has continued to work on their style and their branding. Offering a higher end selection than their goofy cartoons. It is these undies that are on display in the campaign.

Love your body. Love your curves. Love everything that you’re working with!

So cheers to American Eagle and go check out their trending #AerieMan campaign today.





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