Show off in the Pistol Pete Chromatic Brief


It’s been a while since we have profiled anything from Pistol Pete. One pair I wanted to profile for you guys is the Chromatic brief. The new brief just is a lot of fun. Pistol Pete really has their own style that shows in everything they create. They create pairs so guys will feel super sexy and have fun wearing it.

The Chromatic brief is definitely a pair that you will have fun wearing. The pair is made out of a mesh striped fabric. This will show off just enough to make you feel sexy without giving everything away. I love a pair of mesh that gives a hint of what is underneath. Granted I have said sheer has a time and place. A fabric like this just will give your significant other a preview of the night ahead!

The Chromatic brief comes in three different colors. They are fuschia, white and turquoise. My favorite is the fuschia one! Pink shades are always popular and I think all guys should own a pair of pink underwear. As you can tell Pink can be very masculine. If you’re not a fan of pink the white and turquoise are equally as hot.

One last feature that I really like is the waistband. It really sets off the pair. To me it reminds me of a retro 80’s style. The bright colors and Pistol Pete name on the front are a lot of fun. As you guys know I am a big fan of waistbands. They can make or break a pair for me. This one really adds something different to the pair.

If you like this pair head over to the Pistol Pete website. It retails for $27.50

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