New ErgoWear Feel Swimwear

EW0310 (4)I admit I love the pouch that ErgoWear underwear has developed. It was one of the first ergonomically designed pouches that I remember on the market. It is a pouch that is no short of awesome. Now, you can get that pouch in a pair of swimwear! The new line is called the Feel line!

The Feel is a swim brief cut made with a specially designed pouch. It’s similar to the underwear but will give you plenty of extra room up front. Perfect for the guy who needs it. It won’t bind to feel too tight on you! It’s actually a cool pouch design. One of the first I have seen in swimwear!

The line comes in five different colors. They are Blue, Turquoise, Red, Purple and Line. It is made out of 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane  blend. Also features a draw string waist. It’s super fun and the colors are perfect for swimwear!

If you aren’t a fan of swim briefs they also have swimwear in a trunk and jammer. You can find this line at Candyman Fashion for $40.48

NOTE: I do consulting work for GDD World and this post is my opinion

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