New sexy & innovative underwear styles by Modus Vivendi at International Jock!

modusvivendiWe invite you to take a look at these all-new styles of Modus Vivendi underwear and apparel, now available at International Jock. Imported from
Greece, the new styles offer a fresh and surprising spin on men’s underwear with designs influenced by Greek fashion.

Proudly wear the brightly colored briefs, trunks and tank tops in Modus Vivendi’s Pride collection. Or, stand at full attention in the briefs,
boxers and jockstraps of the uber-masculine Military collection. Even look like you’re not wearing any underwear at all in the cream-colored briefs and trunks of the Skin collection.

Incorporate some sexy European fashion into your lifestyle with these unique Modus Vivendi underwear styles at International Jock.

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