Wanted: Pistol Pete. Brand New Styles at International Jock

Pistol Pete Underwear 3Take a ride on the wild side with new men’s underwear & apparel by Pistol Pete at International Jock! Fall is here, and with it comes a vast array of new and exciting underwear styles that International Jock just can’t wait to share with you. Pistol Pete is made right here in the American West and consistently offers wild and inventive twists that push men’s underwear to new and uncharted frontiers. From the explosively sexy Nitro backless jock, to the package-wrapping C-ring in the flirtatious Lover Boy collection, to the seductive see-through fishnet mesh of the Xpose collection, Pistol Pete has reinvented men’s underwear again in their Fall 2014 lineup. So, put on your cowboy hat, pardner, and giddy up on over to International Jock and take a gander at all of the newest Pistol Pete underwear for yourself.

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