Review Andrew Christian Teaser Jock with Show-It Technology

9524_0072It’s interesting how I ended up saving one of my final Andrew Christian pairs to review for the end of the week and I felt like it incorporated many of my previous pairs aspects. To me, this pair seemed to bring parts of several other pairs into one unique jockstrap. This pair is the Teaser Jock with Show-It Technology. Upon glancing at this pair, it seemed to incorporate aspects of other jockstraps including the Jumper Jock and the Bubble Butt jockstrap. This pair has the basic jockstrap back, the front straps similar to the Jumper Jock and the open “V” cut out in front like the Bubble Butt jockstrap. Both of these jocks had definite tease appeal which brings it to the name of the Teaser Jock. This jockstrap is all about feeling sexy and teasing your audience and when I slipped it on, I had a sense of sexiness take over that I loved. Underwear should make you feel something whether it is confident, sexy, or comfortable and this pair did that for me.

I gave this jockstrap a test run over the weekend. I love cleaning house in next to nothing, whether a jockstrap or thong. This pair of underwear held up through my chores, errands, and dinner with friends. It was a good combination of my past thongs into one and held up well over the course of the day. One thing that I found interesting on this pair was that whenever I went to the bathroom, I felt like my member slipped through the “V” when putting him back in. I will admit, it was a little annoying but that is the price you pay for a sexy front cut out. Besides that small movement, everything else with the underwear fit and functioned fine. I like how this pair of underwear combined the appealing aspects of the previous pairs into one.

Once again Andrew Christian succeeds in their sizing. I wear a medium and the pair fit perfectly in all of its areas. The front, sides, and back held onto my body with no problems at all. It is nice to see a company be able to do practical, comfortable, sexy, and more in a variety of styles and alterations while still staying true to the figure. It is almost as if Andrew Christian understood what their customers wanted and took all of those positives and put it into one. No wonder it is limited edition! Get it while you can!

The final Andrew Christian pair is on tap for tomorrow. Sunday funday! Come check it out….


  • Tempting look
  • Unusual limited edition
  • Sizing perfection


  • “V” cut out interferes with bathroom movement
  • Limited edition means limited options


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 10
  • Construction/Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

Find this pair on the Andrew Christian site for $27.43. Post contains and affiliate link.

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