12 Pairs We Love – Switcher Adam Boxer Briefs

10487635_10152309203027336_984557624_nHaving a bubble butt most people would think I would go for some briefs, or jocks, or thongs for my part of the 12 pairs every guy should own….but I am not going to. Well not entirely.

The first pair I am going to say every guy should own is Switcher Adam Boxer Briefs. I had never heard of this brand before until I saw it on Cheapundies.com one day. It is a brand I had never heard of. They are naval inspired and look a lot like boxers. They are really simple looking but are super soft. I love how they feel on my skin. I got them in Army Green, Grey, and just ordered them in white.

While looking into the company more for this I have discovered a lot about them. They don’t have a website for the United States…it is all European. The company says it is dedicated to not using child labor, no discrimination, wages are adequate, and hours are not excessive.

So if you want a nice minimal pair of boxer briefs I recommend tracking down some Switcher.

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    September 30, 2018

    Since I exhausted my pack of 3 (SWITCHER) brand boxer I have not been able to replace them I am in Abuja FCT Nigeria . I don’t just like them but love them. May I know I to get a replacement?


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    April 25, 2019

    Me too!! where do I find these again! Best underwear ever!


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