Magic/Curve 2014, What is coming…

magic-feb-2014I’m back from Magic/Curve and I”m worn out. This is the one of the few trips the jet lag has really gotten to me. This past show was a lot of fun. There were fewer brands than in years past and I think it maybe a trend that will continue. Which has me sad that is the case. I really love going and meeting with brands. I have made some great friends and this is usually the only time I get to see them face-to-face.

But, let’s keep it positive. There were fewer brands but we made some strong new connections with some brands we don’t work a lot with, those brands include; Garcon Model, Teamm8, Bwet Swimwear, and a few more! Other brands we love to meet with are 2(X)ist, Baskit, N2N Bodywear, Frank Dandy, 2EROS

This year we’re not going a big post on all the brands. We think it’s more important to cover the pairs as they come out. We have a schedule and will be following up with brands to bring you the new pairs when it comes out. Brands such as N2N Bodywear and Gregg Homme release their lines a once and we will cover them. Both have some great new lines.

The highlight of the trip is the Annual Meet and Greet we do. It’s a chance for everyone to meet up and just have a good time outside the show. It can range from 2 to 30 people. No matter how many show up it’s always a good time. This year we had Timoteo, N2N Bodywear, 2EROS, Frank Dandy, BWet Swimwear, PetitQ, Shrine Boxer, Garcon Model, Underwear Nation, BoyRio, and a few more! It was a great time. We will be doing this again in August.

Some of the highlights of the show are:

  • New collection from N2N is released – Including swim and active
  • Andrew Christian has some new styles he’s not done before
  • Baskit will be releasing 3 new styles in the next few months!
  • 2EROS has some amazing swim coming out
  • Timoteo has expanded the Cellblock13 and has one pair I LOVE the waistband

These are just a few highlights. We will be bringing you more over the next few weeks and months. I will be launching the new improved UNB podcast called “Brief Talk Podcast”.

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