Gifts for the Boxer Brief Guy

boxerbriefs-gift-guideWe know there are a ton of you who love Boxer Briefs/Trunks. For many of you it’s your daily go to style. We thought we would bring some suggestions for the Boxer Brief guy. Each pair on the list we have tried here and can highly recommend them. So if you have someone you want to buy you underwear, give them the links to these guides and you should have a great present under the tree. If you have any more let us know and we’ll share on social networks, comment or email us at

Read the full list below:


C-IN2 Yoga Plank Short- Great work working out or doing as the name suggest Yoga


Mundo Unico – SHORT BOXER FRAGMENTO [13300829-98] – A Great fit and with an amazing pouch


MaleBasics – MBM01 A classic cut but great colors


Clever 2179 – A pair topped off but a great waistband so mixing classic with fun


Naked Microfiber Boxer Brief – Amazing fit and great styling

Enjoy these tomorrow will be undies for the Thong lover and Thursday will be the Jock Lover! Make sure you share your suggestions that you want for the Holidays

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