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    July 28, 2012

    Hi UNB

    Thanks for the review…. Just got a pair of these briefs after seeing it, as previously I had been worried over other’s high sitting comments.

    I can confirm it really has a show off enhancing feel to it thanks to the super soft/thin material.

    However what I really liked was the excellent elastic leg and waist bands as I never felt over-exposed…… so in the gym I could strip off and know I had the support, and felt good about myself, without fear of “flashing the real tackle” as it were

    As for the colour I wore them out the other night… and the trunk style waist really came into it’s own as I had several ladies comment on the colour (hey it turns out, for you other straight guys reading this, fashionable undies are the new sign of “looking after oneself” without the early 2000’s “he spends more time in the bathroom than I do” vibe


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