Review: New Balance Total Fit Lifestyle Trunk 3

New Balance Lifestyle Trunk 3

The New Balance Total Fit Lifestyle Trunk 3 is the perfect trunk for guys who jog or run a lot, or who have a job that requires a great deal of heat and sweating to complete.  They are made from a soft 87% polyester and 13% Elasthane blend, and are lightweight and maneuverable.  Built with a contoured Total-Fit closed fly (no fly, no pouch), these trunks have Lightning Dry moisture control, which means you can stay dry and feel cool.  The trunks include multi-panel construction for an advanced, comfortable fit and breathability.  In addition to the previous features, these trunks also have anti-odor and anti-microbial features.


  • 3″ Inseam
  • Square-cut trunk
  • Lightweight
  • Articulated grip around leg, groin, and rear
  • 4-panel construction for advanced fit and breathability
  • Contoured New Balance Total-Fit Closed Fly
  • Moisture & odor control
  • Locker hook and center panel in back

I decided that with all the features that these trunks have, I would wear them to the gym and see what happened.  After a few miles on the elliptical machine, I checked for moisture on my body and was surprised to find none.  Apparently, these trunks do what they are said to do.  I found this to be the best feature of these trunks and, as with most trunks, I experienced zero chafing and things stayed in place during my workout.   I do not mind the lack of a pouch because I like tight underwear while working out, but some guys might not like this particular feature.

Overall, the fit was great and true to size: large before and after washing and drying.  The fabric was soft and conforming, but not stretchy.  The style was fairly average, but I did like the steel gray color.  Although I really enjoyed this pair of trunks, there were a couple of negatives associated with them.  First, the price is $28 for the one pair of trunks.  After a few web searches, I was able to find them for $16.99 +shipping from a website.  Second, some guys will not like the lack of a pouch.


  • Fit
  • Style
  • Design
  • Fabric


  • Price
  • Lack of Pouch
Fit 3.5
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 3
*OUT of 5*  


These were provide for review by New Balance.

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