TOP 10: Underwear Nicknames

Nicknames are often terms of endearment we give to the people or things that matter the most to us. So why wouldn’t we give our beloved underwear pet names as well. In researching this I found quite a barrage of terms and have come up with a list of the 10 best. That has not been an easy task because I love so many of these nicknames. I tried to set my viewpoint aside and went by popular usage and overall great names.

But first let’s look at a few honorable mentions. If I were basing the list on pure entertainment and originality the list would probably be completely different and many of these honorable mentions would be on it. I love the names that refer to supporting a mans package such as Jewel Cases, Junk Holders, Smuggling Duds, Tackle Bags, and Snake Slingers. Then there are a few less endearing names referring to the more functional and dirty side of underwear such as Rotten Cotton, Bog Catchers, Flavor savers, Cluster Grabbers, Wedgie Wear, Skidy Scrappers, and Jean Savers. And there are some terms I feel apply more to swimwear like Budgie Smugglers, Banana Hammocks, or Speedos. Then there’s one of my favorites Dakkers and it’s spin offs Underdakks and Acca Daccas. I would have put it on the list but found it to be rare and really couldn’t find it’s usage commonly known anywhere. Then there’s a plethora of other honorable mentions such as Ginch, Wrapping, Scanties, Guchies, Unmentionables, Slingshots, Incubators, Bum Floss, Geeto Bobbles, Brumbies, Scrunggies and of course Mr. Happy Pants! Some other terms were dropped since I didn’t want take our list to the lewd or vulgar. So let’s get to the top 10!

NUMBER 10 – Drawers

The word “Drawers” has become an almost too casual way of referring to ones underwear. Often you think of dresser drawers but the word in connection with underwear came about because underwear fit as if it were drawn on. When you think of it that way it gives the word a touch of sultriness.

NUMBER 9 – Butt Huggers

Ok I know this is not a very common name for our underwear but I can’t help being drawn to it due to the fact that it brings to mind images of beautiful bottoms nicely cuddled by a hot pair of underwear. Similar buttocks adoring terms are Bum Baggers and Bum Socks.

NUMBER 8 – Nut Huts

Another not so common cognomen however there are a variety of underwear nicknames that make reference to the male genitalia as some form of food. For instance the names Egg Cups, Potato Sacks, Nut Huggers and Meat Counter all refer to food. You could even make this connection to the brand Fruit of the loom. I like the connection… No further comment.

NUMBER 7 – Pants

If our list were primarily British based this could be our number one. However this nickname can be confusing to American English speakers sice pants pretty much only refers to outer wear that fully covers the lower body in the States. But this isn’t the only time words pertaining to lower body outwear became synonyms for underwear just think of Breeches (Britches) or Knickers.

NUMBER 6 – Chonies

Chonies is most likely the number one nickname for underwear within communities and circles with a Latin or Spanish background and influence. This is a slang or shortened version of the Spanish word “calzones” meaning underwear.

NUMBER 5 – Skivvies

Skivvies is a word that generally refers only to men’s underwear specifically briefs or skimpy underwear although at times it can refer to an undershirt as well. Although the origins of this word are disputed and probably unknown it’s earliest known occurrences are in the form of Military slang. It’s even trademarked in a Smithsonian document!

NUMBER 4 – Briefs

The word Briefs has become so commonly used it’s not thought of as a nickname but a type of underwear, so it’s not really a nickname. But a lot of people use this word to make mention of underwear whatever the style. And the reference to the mini size of this underwear has sparked similar nicknames such as Shorts or Smalls. Some even take the name and make it even more endearing calling them Briefskis.

NUMBER 3 – Tighty Whities

This nickname is very specific to white tight fitting briefs, a classically wonderful type of underwear. But more specifically it is generally in reference to the standard average common plain white briefs. Sometimes the words are reversed to Whitie Tighties, and often this type of underwear is referred to as Jockeys whatever the brand may actually be.

NUMBER 2 – Panties

Personally I hate this term because it feminizes my mantastically masculine underwear. Nevertheless it is a very common word used to describe men’s underwear even though it technically signifies women’s underwear or at times children’s. Actually according to one dictionary when in reference to men’s underwear it’s categorized as derogatory. But you have to admit it’s a fun word. The term “Panties” highlights the playful, youthful innocent side of men’s underwear. Other similar nicknames are Manties or Boy Panties.

NUMBER 1 – Undies

“Undies” is probably the most common word in American English making reference to underwear possibly even rivaling the word underwear itself. It’s obvious where this word comes from and why it’s so popular. We all like to save time and even though it’s only one syllable shorter than underwear every syllable counts. Plus even more importantly underwear sounds so formal where as Undies is more personal and chummy.  Other similar names include Under Bunders, Underpants, Under Roos, Underthings, the way too long Underpanticus Maximus and my personal favorite underwear nickname Fundies.

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