New Styles from DMK

Down Under Enhancing Brief

The Down Under Enhancing Brief is in the same line as the Down Under Enhancing trunk we brought you a few weeks back. It’s part of the new collection they have released. Its a pouch that will enhance what you have in a flattering way. It’s available in three colors Tiffany Blue, Coral and White Suggested Retail price is  $26.75. It is constructed out of 60% Polyester, 30% Rayon, 10% Spandex

Down Under Enhancing Jock

I know there are many fans of Jocks out there. It’s not often we have an enhancing jock. I know Andrew Christian has done one but that’s all that comes to mind. This jock is sure to please and show off what you have in a very flattering way. It’s a fun but not over the top jock. The colors are very mild. They are just fun to me. The colors are Tiffany Blue, White, and Cora. This jock retails for $18.50 and is in a 60% Polyester, 30% Rayon, 10% Spandex

Hammock Pouch Enhancing Trunk

Notice a trend? We show the last of the new lines. It’s the Hammock Pouch Enhancing Trunk. It is available in 3 new colors. They are Peacock Blue, Purple, HP Green. These three would make great additions to your underwear drawer. I like how DMK is doing colors and having fun with them. They are a company that think about color and how to make it fun, not just boring undies.  These retail for $30 and are in a  90% Rayon, 10% Spandex blend.

Check these out and more at the DMK Designs site!

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