Ahoy landlubbers! Cocksox sail to launch Able Seaman Collection!


It’s getting near the end of the year but we’re not slowing down at Cocksox®, far from it. We’ve brought out some fantastic new swim briefs, with the suitably cheeky name of Able Seaman. There’s a bit of a nautical theme going on, and a naughty theme as well (wouldn’t be Cocksox® without it!). Read all about them on the store page of the website AND take advantage of our 10% off sale!

Speaking of websites, as part of our endless, ongoing quest to bring you the best online experience we can, Cocksox® has built a brand new website. Top to bottom, front to back, it’s completely new with all sorts of new features, enhanced shopping cart, personalised account, multi currency shopping, fancy photo viewing, drive thru burgers (probably)… fantastic new figures so check it out!

Click here to see the NEW Cocksox® website.

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