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So, if you tried earlier you may have noticed the site was down. It was for the majority of today. We apologize for that, but it was out of our control. I was on the phone numerous times with our hosting company and at first, it was an ISP problem on my end, then a router at another party, then finally a sever at the hosting company. It appears to be fixed now, and if anything like this happens in the future, please join our Twitter and/or Facebook Group and we will try to keep you updated about the progress. Lastly, join the email list as well and if we have an extended outage we will tell you how to find us. I do have a back up plan in case we have any extended outages. So never fear you will have your Underwear News Briefs!

We hope you have a great Labor Day in the States and a great Monday everywhere else in the world!

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