Jockstrap Central – Mesh Jocks on Sale

Jockstrap Central is having a great sale on some sexy Valentines wear

For some, Valentines is all about love but for others it’s simply a perfect time to let someone you know that you have the hots for them. So, forget chocolates and forget flowers, give them a mesh jockstrap so there’s no mistaking what your intentions are. The best part is it’s pretty well implied that you will be giving a personal fitting.

To help you carry out your lusty pursuits, we’re giving you 15% off our entire collection of mesh jockstraps from Go-softwear, N2N Bodywear, Raw Studio, Joe Snyder and Kinkwear.

* a word of warning, mesh jockstraps are see-through and unlike most companies, we show them as they’re meant to be. No air-brushing or sexless mannequins for us.

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