Jockstrap Central – Activeman Jockstraps

Jockstrap Central has full colors in the Active Man Jocks:

Flarico has been manufacturing jocks since 1898 offering a top quality product for a no nonsense price, but until recently, your choices were white, white, or white. Taking a cue from SafeTGard, these classic jockstraps are now available in a full range of exciting colors. However, Activeman went one step further by adding a plush waistband and softer poly/cotton pouch design to ensure a more comfortable jock – equally good for the gym or as everday underwear.

These new Activeman jockstraps are available in white, black, red, navy, sky-blue, yellow, army-green, plus our favorite – an army-green pouch with a complimentary camouflage 3 inch waistband.

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