Underwear, very interesting

Ginch Gonch has to be one of the most innovative underwear companies around. Thier advertising is very on the edge and so are thier undies. They ahve a new contest to send in a video of you getting a wedgie and win $5,000. Now that’s some money. Speaking from a marketing view, they are very innnovative and are taking risks, I think it’s fun. Check them out

This is the new home page of Topdrawers.com. I will say HOT HOT HOT. They are showcasing N2N line. Which I think is an awesome line but you have to have a good body to wear it. As you can tell. I haven’t tired it for the obvioius reasons but I’m not sure how thier pouches are, if they are made for big boys or not. I think they stretch, from what i hear from a friend, and fit damn good too.

Just a quick undie update, stay tuned for more!

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    March 30, 2006

    definitely looks like a fun company! 😉


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