UNBTim – Editor In Chief

Tim – Editor-In-Chief

  • UNB Name: UNB Tim
  • Current Location: Atlanta
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 225
  • Waist Size: 38-49 Size Large
  • Where did you grow up: Atlanta
  • What age did you first discover your love of undies?  when I was 13. I used to see MLB Player Jim Palmer in Jockey Elance bikinis and had to get some. I bough them and that’s how it started.
  • What was your first pair of great undies? Jockey Pogo briefs, they were nylon bikinis from Macy’s and were amazing.
  • What is the last pair you bought? Honestly I don’t remember. Most I get are through UNB.
  • Favorite style of undies? Bikinis, Briefs and jocks
  • Least Favorite style?  Boxers and Boxer briefs without a pouch
  • Do you wear swim briefs? if not would you? I have and Ill again
  • Favorite underwear store (online or in person): In person Boy Next Door and online International jock
  • Favorite TV shows: Grace & Frankie, Jessica Jones, Amazing Race, Good Wife, Shark Tank and more
  • What movies have you recently seen? Star Wars The Force Awakens, Sisters, Martian, Inside Out, Mockingjay 2
  • Favorite color: Green
  • What do you do in your spare time? What spare time? But love movies, travel, good times and dinners out with friends.
  • Interesting fact about you: I have 140 christmas albums. Yes I have a problem
  • Favorite Underwear Brands: N2N Bodywear, Cocksox, Big Boy Pants, Ergowear, Mundo Unico
  • Favorite Styles: Briefs, Pouch Briefs, Bikinis, Jocks, Jockbriefs and Thongs
  • Least Favorite Styles: Boxers, Boxer Briefs
  • Favorite Swimwear Brands: N2N Bodywear, Cocksox, Tactics
  • Favorite Swim Styles: Swim Brief, Square Cut/Turnk

A little about me… I have been an underwear lover since the age of 13 when I got my first pair of bikinis. I went with on a family shopping trip and got the first pair. I was instantly hooked. Those FOTL Tighty Whities were never worn again. My love continued to grow  in my teens. When I was able to drive I would drive to the mall to see what underwear was available. Back then there were CK, Jockey (yes, when they made great undies) and the beginnings of 2(X)ist, and a few more. This were the days before the internet and I found International Male/UnderGear. This added to the fascination with fun and skimpy styles. Back in the day UnderGear was the main place to find new brands and pairs.

The internet came into prominence and we got to see more and more pairs. We got retailers such as International Jock, Fresh Pair, UnderGear and more. Some brands I discovered via the internet are: Iqoniq, Cocksox, Mundo Unico and C-IN2. I remember the first time I saw Cocksox images on the net. I was blown away but the pair and their photography. I really wanted to try them out. But at that time I was in college and couldn’t afford it. I would get pairs a few years later! But the internet has brought us the ability to find underwear all over the world. I know many out there will order underwear from Japan, Australia, France or more.

In the 90’s I had and my first exposure to non-US underwear was HOM. A friend went to England and France and brought me back a HOM sport jock and a thong. I love them, This just cemented my love of underwear. I preferred those cuts over the US styles because they were and still are more body conscious. I HATE loose fitting underwear. And to this day I still stand by this and what I look for in my undies.

The underwear collection has grown to over 400 pairs. “My name is Tim and I have an underwear addiction” and I”m quite fine with that! My tastes over the years has remained steady. I have my underwear drawer divided into sections. The top drawer is are the main undies I wear. Basically considered my favorites. Then I have second drawer that is outside that is the b level underwear. Those you like but not your favorites. The third and fourth are ones I have and now I have added a section I can’t wear. After loosing 75 pounds in 2012 I have a lot of undies that are too big but I can’t bare to get rid of them yet.

I started UNB in 2008. Mainly because I got laid off and have always wanted to do a blog of my own. So I had the time and opportunity. I figured what do I have to loose. I’ll get a few pairs of underwear and then get back to work. As the great economic down turn happened, UNB great. It initially started as just me then grew to a staff. The staff has changed over the year and now we have anywhere from 8-12 guys at a time on the site. I have always run UNB as middle of the road. We were never too gay (meaning sexual images and such) or too straight. I wanted to spread the message that no matter if we are gay/straight/bi we all need great underwear. My motto is “once you try great underwear, you never go back” and that has held true with all guys.

Feel free to contact me
Twitter – @unbtim
Email – info@underwearnewsbriefs.com

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    March 20, 2014

    Hey! Just wanted to congratulate you for such an amazing website, and as I recently read, for posting your 7000th post. Also, I can say that I identify myself in small parts of your story, especially your favorite and less favorite styles. 😀 I’ve been a huge underwear fan, but here in Costa Rica the topic might get controversial… Anyway, just keep it up and hope the site continues to grow. Pura vida! =D


  2. Avatar
    August 06, 2017

    Yes, the days before on-line purchases. Those were the days where you really had to love what you saw. I lived an hour from a mall so it was an hour drive for me. Ha. Great site, Tim! Happy to have found it.


  3. Avatar
    January 14, 2018

    Love you site, underwear has always been a fascination for my I too have a large collection but not by 400. I too remember going to a “Brick and Mortar” and getting an erection leading up to my purchase either male of female clerk…


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