Want more original photos and videos?

Do you love seeing new photo shoots every month? Maybe even some awesome underwear related videos? Such as one where we interview guys on the beach wearing swim thongs? Interviewing guys who have never worn great underwear? Are photos your favorite. We have the opportunity to have monthly shoots with photographer Armando Adajar. But all these things cost money.

We have had a Patreon we have shared a few times but this time we have a few new goals. First, we have expanded our video reviews. This is the first step in expanding our videos. We will have them on a regular basis featuring Martin and his husband Andrew! In order to continue our video and photography, we need your help. If we reach our goals we can have Martin make more videos for us!

Here are our goals

  • Reach $70 a month cover back up and operating the costs of the blog for one month
  • Reach $150 a month and we will let our readers pick one pair to review a month. Could be any pair you guys want! From any brand in the world
  • Reach $1,000 a month and have a monthly shoot with Armando Adajar. Patreon members get exclusive behind the scenes and preview of the shoot.
  • Reach $1,500 a month and our Patreon members pick the underwear, topic or guest stars of the video. Patreon members will get behind the scenes pictures and advance view of the video

Plus we will have exclusive rewards at different levels. All members get to joining our Patreon Slack group. Where you get to talk with other members and writers/editorial members. We have had some great discussion over the last year. This includes topic ideas we are thinking about posting!

Why should you join our Patreon?

  • You love underwear and want to join a community of other like minded guys who are gay/straight/bi.
  • Get to see exclusive pictures before  regular readers of UNB
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content of shoots and videos as they are being shot/filmed
  • Ability to influence content on UNB with discussions with guys who run the site
  • Have us review the exact pair you want to know about before you buy.

To join today for as little as $1 a month. Go to the UNB Patreon Page!

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