Inside the Naked Kitchen

There is a new web series UNB guys need to know about. It’s called My Naked Kitchen. Don’t worry it’s not naked people, but guys in awesome underwear cooking amazing things. It’s right up our alley!

We got to chat with Ed, the master mind of underwear clad men cooking!

How did you come up with the concept for My Naked Kitchen?

I already had a cooking show on Youtube (starring my Mother!) which has now ended, and I wanted to create another show that I thought would be very popular and since we all know that showing off a mans body and his ASSets sells, I thought I would start a show where attractive guys make yummy food in their underwear.

Do you cook main courses, sides or desserts? Is it like a baking edition of My Naked Kitchen?

Anything goes as far as what the guys make, so yes, main courses, sides, and desserts (including baking). We try and do recipes that are more on the healthy side since part of the concept of the show is to promote health and fitness. Most of the recipes the guys make are really amazing and taste incredible.

What has been the initial reaction from viewers? Are they cooking the recipes?

The initial reaction has been awesome. The show continues to gain followers and subscribers and is growing really well in a short period of time. Some viewers are cooking the recipes, but I have to admit that it appears at the moment most people are watching and following to see the hot guys.

Speaking of recipes, these are hot guys in amazing underwear, but they can cook too! How has it been finding guys to be on the show?

Yes,the guys and underwear are pretty amazing. Some guys reach out to us to be on the show and some I’ve contacted on various social media sites. But surprisingly it has been a little more challenging than I thought it would be to get guys to be on the show. A lot of them are fine with photos but are not so comfortable being in front of the camera. However, once they actually commit and see how much fun it is, they love it. And I’m not so bad to work with either. lol.

If a guy thinks he has the cooking skills and looks great in underwear, how would he submit himself to cook on My Naked Kitchen?

He can reach out to me on Instagram @mynakedkitchen or send me an email at We are always looking for new guys, and they don’t have to have cooking skills…just look good in underwear, have a personality and be comfortable in front of the camera. We can give them something simple to make.

You are based out of Toronto and have filmed the shows there, have you ever thought about taking it on the road?

Absolutely. In fact, we have shot some shows in the LA area and planned to go back there in November for a couple of weeks. So any of your readers in southern California who would like to be on the show, let us know. We are open to other cities as well and hope to eventually travel all over the world with the show.

You have to have plenty of out takes. What has been the funniest thing that has happened filming an episode of My Naked Kitchen? (You can leave out names to protect the innocent).

From stuff dropping on the floor to blenders exploding and guys screwing up their lines, there have been so many. We include some of the best outtakes at the end of some of the episodes.

Who are some of the guys you have had on the show, well besides Simon (which we have shared)?

Our biggest name so far is Brent Everett (the porn star) who did a couple of episodes for us. His first episode came out a few weeks ago and the second one comes out this week!

We also just shot a couple of porn stars from Montreal…Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone. Some of our other favorites are Jeci@jeciwould and Eric@ericcommando from LA. Eric has a big following on Youtube. Then there’s Jason Caceres, an adorable actor also from LA. In Toronto, we’ve also had some hot models on the show like @basilhendy. But I want your readers to know; you don’t have to be a porn star, actor or model to be on the show!

Where can readers find the current and new episodes of My Naked Kitchen?

We post teasers every week on Instagram @mynakedkitchen and the episodes come out on Youtube on Thursdays. You can also find all the episodes on our website

Before we go, do you have a big name, in the fitness or acting world, you would love to have on the show?

I’m always reaching out to guys on Instagram and Facebook that I would love to have on the show. But honestly, it’s not so much about a big name (even though that would certainly help us get followers)It’s more about the look and personality. I love to push the envelope and think outside of the box, so we’re open to experimenting with different ideas. In fact, in a future episode, we are shooting a drag queen from New Jersey who is crazy hot and sexy in and out of drag. That should be a lot of fun. And we are always open to collaborating with guys who want to promote themselves and what they do.

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