New Gregg Homme Released for Spring 2017

One brand that really knows how to mix great underwear with an incredible sex appeal is back for another collection. Gregg Homme released part one of their collection this week. It’s part 1 of the collection. This is the first time I remember them splitting up the collection. But that’s good news for us for the rest of us, there will be more Gregg Homme this year!


Gregg Homme introduces the VIGOR brief, our newest fashion group. Made with a soft Italian mesh combined with a silky microfiber pouch and a V-insert in fine mesh and a 2 tone elastic waistband. Those who want a more subtle style while staying sexy, this group will be yours.


Gregg Homme introduces X-OTIK our newest Sexy See-through group. This fun and avant-garde style will enhance your package with an integrated adjustable cockring while contouring your curves with funky royal blue binding, soft delicate Italian mesh and textured black jersey. You know you want it!


Gregg Homme introduces LUST, our newest sexy animal print group. Made with a fine European mesh and paired with a leopard textured velvet and detachable clips. This fun group will reveal your butt cheeks but keep your package nicely tucked away until you decide to release it!


Gregg Homme introduces GRIP, our newest racy and playful group. This fun group is made with the very popular 8 way stretch knit, that will guarantee the most comfortable wear. Paired with a contrast color waistband, functional detachable clips with the Gregg Homme logo and 3 binding straps to keep you in.


Gregg Homme introduces SOIREE, our newest Elegant See-through group. This edgy and avant-garde style will enhance your senses with it’s ultra soft and silky microfiber, fine mesh and unique embroidery design. This is one of a kind design, only for you!


Gregg Homme introduces REVEAL, our newest sexy fetish group. Made with a European super light weight jacquard that has a metallic finish. Paired with detachable front pouches and inserts, this group will not only be very playful but comfortable.


Gregg Homme introduces BONDED, our newest fetish group for your inner wild side. This group consist of harnesses for the upper and lower body in genuine 100% leather. Paired with a faux leather thong to complete the look, this fetish group will leave you as the main attraction wherever it is that you will go! Dare to wear it!

See all these lines on the Gregg Homme site!

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