Ride the Wave with New Clever Briefs and Boxer Briefs

Clever is out with a new collection. It’s just as you would expect, but with a few new wild pairs. One of the pairs that I wanted to profile is the Waves brief and boxer brief. Prints are something that Clever Moda has been known for doing. They have had some really amazing prints and continue to please print lovers with new collections.

Waves are blue and white print. It mimics just what the name implies, waves. preferer the brief print over the trunk. The brief has a wave that goes across the back. The boxer brief has a more plain print across the back. If you are one who loves prints but not over the top, the boxer briefs maybe for you.

Another nice touch is that the waistband is a simple Clever. The mix of the simple band with the print is a great touch. I think a printed or patterned waistband would be too much for the pair. It wouldn’t have the same pop with a blue waistband as it does with this one. Yes, this is one of the few times you’ll read me saying a plain waistband is better.

As mentioned above, Clever makes the same pairs in both boxer briefs and briefs. Some brands will make completely different lines in briefs and boxer briefs. Nothing worse than finding a pair you like only to learn that it’s not made in your preferred style. Both pairs are made out of Polyester 93% Spandex 7%. Making it fit great and still have some movement

We will bring you a lot more of the new Clever soon. It’s the season of new undies and we are going to cover them more in depth. So stay tuned to more undies soon.

BRAND: Clever Moda
FABRIC: Polyester 93% Spandex 7%.
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: $36.00 & $35.00

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