Gregg Homme Brings You Kaos

1105-KAOSGregg Homme is know for really fun and amazingly sexy undies. But, have there ever been times you wanted a fun pair for date night but didn’t wasn’t to wear something that wasn’t see through? But rather wanted something that shows your style and personality? Let the new Gregg Homme Kaos line be that date night pair.

The Kaos line is made out of a 88% polyamide and 12% elastane fabric blend that is super soft against the skin. Fabric is made out of a see through animal print. Don’t expect it to be totally see through. It’s one of those fabrics you will have to look at to see the sheerness.

Kaos consists of the following styles: String, Boxer Briefs, Thong, Briefs and Tank. The Briefs and Boxer Briefs have a solid black waistband. The boxer briefs have a matching accent in black around the pouch. The prices range from $17.95 to $57.94 at the Gregg Homme website.

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