New Retro Styled Billy Range from aussieBum

ab_bilyThe one thing I love about covering underwear is that someone always comes up with new fun prints and colors for undies. By doing this it really adds to the fun factor. aussieBum has done just that with it’s new Billy Range. The range has 8 retro fun prints. As youc an see they have the 8 bit graphic, camo, floral and cartoon inspired.

aussieBum is one of those companies not afraid to take a risk. If you remember a few years back they had the Valentine’s underwear of bunnies, well for a lack of better term, doing it! Which really made me laugh. The 8 patters are as diverse as our readers. There will be one that you will love.

We posted the video this week but to see all the patterns go to the aussieBum site and check them out. The pairs retail for $16.75 and only available in brief cut!

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